Sociology, Dual B.A./M.A.

The B.A. /M.A. Program is appropriate for qualified Georgia State University undergraduate students who have completed two years as a Sociology major with a GPA of 3.5. Students may pursue a dual Bachelor of Arts in sociology and either a Master of Arts in Sociology or Master of Arts in Gerontology.

Dual undergraduate/graduate programs enable admitted undergraduate students to begin taking specified graduate courses during their senior year (or earlier in some cases) and count the coursework toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students in dual programs are enrolled in each degree program either concurrently or in close succession. Dual degrees may, therefore, be awarded at the same time, or one degree may be awarded prior to the second.

The program requires two years as an undergraduate Sociology major with a GPA of 3.5. Students apply for the B.A. /M.A program in their junior year—making sure to take Soci 3010, Soci 3020, and Soci 3030 by the end of their junior year. In their senior year, participants will take four graduate-level courses and apply for the graduate program. In their fifth year, participants will finish the M.A. coursework, and either do an internship or write a thesis.

Students must be formally accepted into the dual degree program by the department and College of Arts and Sciences to be able to take graduate courses as an undergraduate. Additionally, acceptance into the dual program does not constitute admission to the master’s program. Students must fulfill regular graduate admissions requirements and apply for the master’s program following college processes.

A. Master’s Core Course Work (16 hours):
Soci 8010: Intermediate Social Statistics (3) Soci 8020: Research Methodology (3)
Soci 8342: Qualitative Methods in Sociology (3) Soci 9010: Advanced Social Statistics (4)
Soci 9020: Advanced Research Methodology (3)

B. Master’s Elective Course Work (9 hours):
Take three substantive sociology courses or advanced data analysis courses as electives.

Substantive Sociology courses
Soci 8030: Sociological Theory I (3)
Soci 8102: Life Course Sociology (3)
Soci 8156: Sexuality and Society (3)
Soci 8216: Gender and Society (3)
Soci 8212: Race and Ethnic Relations (3) Soci 8226: Urban Sociology (3)
Soci 9230: Health & Illness (3)

Advanced Methods courses
Soci 9050: Advanced Topics in Research Methods (3) Soci 8900: Domestic Field School (3)
GEOS 6520 Quantitative spatial analysis (4)
Soci 8900: Applied Sociology and Evaluation Methods (3) PMAP 8521: Evaluation Research: Design & Practice
PH 7711: Epidemiological Methods (3)*
PH 8890: Special topics in Biostatistics (3)*
EPRS 9570: Hierarchical Linear Modeling (3)*
Soci 8900/Gero 8700: Intervention Research Design (3)

Any other Methods course with permission from the DGS and course instructor.

C. Other Master’s Requirements (6 hours):
Choose a thesis or a non-thesis option. For the thesis option, you must register for 6 hours of Soci 8999.

1. Thesis option
Soci 8999 Thesis Research (6)

A thesis proposal, thesis, and oral defense. 2. Non-thesis option

Soci 8980: Internship (6)
A thesis proposal, thesis, and oral defense.

The sociology department does not offer funding to Joint B.A./M.A. program students.

This joint program prepares graduates to enter PhD programs in Sociology or to work outside academia. Students in this program can receive training in social research skills that can allow them to work in industry or the non-profit sector as qualitative and quantitative researchers.