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Educational Psychology, Minor

The educational psychology minor is for undergraduates interested in a deeper understanding of how psychological principles can be applied in educational settings.

Educational psychology minors will gain experience in topics such as:

  • The science of learning
  • Applied memory and cognition
  • Sociocultural and diversity issues in education
  • Learning and development
  • Behavior analysis
Program Details


Interested in a minor in Educational Psychology?

Schedule a time to meet with your academic advisor.

Program of Study

Coursework counting toward the minor cannot also count toward Area A-E of the undergraduate degree.

A grade of “C” or higher is required in all courses counting toward the minor.

The coursework in the minor will include three required courses focusing on educational psychology to ensure students explore and research critical areas of the field.

A. Required (9):

  • EDUC 2130 Exploring Learning and Teaching (3)
  • EPY 2050 Human Growth and Development (3)
  • EPY 4450 Culture and Cognition (3)

B. Students must select nine hours (at least six hours at or above the 3000 level) from the following list:

  • EDUC 2120 Exploring Sociocultural Perspectives of Diversity in Educational Context (3)
  • EPY 2040 The Science of Learning: Theories, Application and Practice (3)
  • EPY 3010 Learning, Memory and Cognition in the Real World (3)
  • EPY 4190 Introduction to Behavioral Analysis (3)
  • EPY 4360 Learning and Development During Adolescence (3)
  • EPY 4960 Seminar in Educational Psychology (3)
  • EPY 4970 Seminar in Adult Literacy (3)
  • Another course may be selected with consent of advisor.

Total Program: Minimum of 18 semester hours

Students who have questions about the minor in educational psychology may contact the College of Education & Human Development’s Office of Academic Assistance at 404-413-8000 or the Department of Learning Sciences at 404-413-8040.



The educational psychology minor provides undergraduate students with knowledge and expertise in educational psychology.

Educational psychologists are interested in broadly defined applications of psychology to education. A minor in educational psychology allows students to explore learning and teaching in classrooms as well as other educational outreach programs.

Such explorations, along with students’ knowledge of major content areas, will provide viable possibilities for future careers and a deeper appreciation for learning in a variety of contexts.


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