Applied Linguistics, M.A.

We are a multifaceted applied linguistics department that focuses on post-secondary/adult language learning, teaching and use.

Our faculty specialize in a number of sub-disciplines, including second language (L2) acquisition, L2 writing, sociolinguistics, language assessment, corpus linguistics, educational technology and L2 teacher education.


Applied Linguistics, M.A.

College of Arts & Sciences


Students are required to complete a minimum of 36 semester hours of course work to earn the M.A. degree in Applied Linguistics. The following courses are required of students in the program and make up 21 of the total number of credits:

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Many of our graduates teach overseas or in language programs such as Intensive English Programs in major universities in Georgia and other parts of the country. Our students specialize in the following areas of teaching and research:

  • Second language teacher education
  • Second language acquisition theory and practice
  • Classroom-oriented teacher development
  • Structure and use of English
  • Intercultural communication theory and research
  • ESL/EFL materials research and development
  • Sociolinguistics, pragmatics and discourse analysis
  • Corpus linguistics (working with language databases)